‘Name that Sculpture’ competition at Taste of Bethesda

Public art sculptures blend art and architecture.  They must connect the viewer to the piece and deliver a visual story to an exclusive piece of artwork.

Mark Kramer, a native Washingtonian, is both a sculptor and a professional architect. Kramer’s welded steel and bronze sculptures can be found in public spaces and private collections throughout the DC Metropolitan area. One of Mark’s most recognizable pieces, his 25 ft. steel sculpture, on East West Highway (across from the Round House theatre) ‘Lyrical Lady’ — has been a gateway piece to Bethesda for several decades.

Kramer believes that the key to creating public art is a harmony between the building design and the unique piece of artwork. In the spirit of supporting public art and our community’s connection to public art, we are launching a public ‘Name the Sculpture’ contest to establish a new name for a new sculpture installation by Mark Kramer on Old Georgetown Road in downtown Bethesda.

The Name the Sculpture Contest

During the renowned Taste of Bethesda festival in downtown Bethesda the weekend of October 5-6, be part of this exciting process. Propose a name for the new sculpture located on Old Georgetown Road and Glenbrook Road. In addition to the winner’s name being selected as the official title for the sculpture, you will also receive a special gift from the artist.

Come to the Taste of Bethesda and submit your name selection directly at the Bethesda Urban Partnership‘s booth and table, or email your selection directly to mark@kramerarchitects.com.


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